About us

Hello from Uncork-it! We're a marketing and advertising firm lucky enough to commute and work in the New River Valley.

Why does a marketing agency care about commutes?

One, because we are commuters. Not a single one of us spends the night in the office (usually), and we have all experienced the pressures and occasional pleasures afforded by shuttling between our homes and our desks.

But equally important, we care about commutes because our clients do. We see our local clients struggling to recruit the best engineers and competing with Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, and New York. Yet the New River and Roanoke Valleys are home to top tech companies, a rich body of startups, and a culture of innovation.

And we have more than just great jobs. We have great commutes. In cars, on buses, on bikes and by foot.

A photo of Blacksburg's Main Street

Some people love their commutes, listening to podcasts or enjoying their only uninterrupted time to think.

For most of us, our daily commute is a drain, sapping our emotional energy and eating into our personal time.

While most of the country is commuting 26 minutes on loud, crowded highways, we enjoy our 13 minutes against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge mountains. This gives us more time for the things we love—whether it’s play, family, or job.

An illustration of a man biking
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