Commuting Resources

Making well-informed commuting decisions can save you time, money, and pain every single day—and we’re here to help!

One way or another, most of us head into work every weekday morning. While navigating the routine and the route quickly becomes second nature, that doesn’t mean commuting is simple. There are many decisions that need to be made beforehand—mode of transportation, time you need to leave, which way to go—and those that are made on the spot—plan B for traffic jams, vehicle problems, school cancellations, bad weather, and the unexpected.


Do you know how you will get to work tomorrow? Will you walk or ride a bike, take the bus, the subway or the ferry, do you drive a jet ski (Yes! Some people do this!), or will you—like most of us—drive your car?

To drive?

Resources for the driven commuter
An icon of a car driving

Road construction is a fact of life. The Virginia Department of Transportation maintains a map of major highway construction projects in Virginia.

New traffic-related laws as of July 2019

  • Fines for holding a cell phone in work zones
    The new law prohibits hand held cell phone use in highway work zones. Drivers caught will face a mandatory $250 fine
  • Children must remain in rear-facing seats until age two
    Children will have to remain in rear-facing child safety seats until the age of two, or until the child reaches the minimum weight limit for a forward-facing child restraint device as determined by the manufacturer of the device. Virginia's child passenger safety laws require all children under age eight be properly secured in a child safety seat or booster seat, regardless of weight or height.
  • Failure to move for emergency vehicles = reckless driving
    Failing to obey Virginia's "move over" law now has a stronger punishment. The old law said the first offense is a $250 fine for a traffic infraction. The new law makes all offenses reckless driving, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

See the full Code of Virginia, including all 2019 updates.

Use an app like Waze to make sure you take the shortest, most efficient route, or find a carpool buddy.

Need to run a few errands before or after work? Apps like Route4Me or Road Warrior Route Planner can help your find the best path with multiple stops.

Parking in the NRV is inexpensive and readily available in most areas.

Or not to drive?

Resources for the commuter with a drive not to drive
Icons depicting aircraft, a bus, and a train

The Blacksburg Transit bus system provides affordable and regular transportation around Blacksburg and Christiansburg. It also offers connector services to Radford Transit, Smart Way, and Mega Bus, and includes an app for ride planning and accurate arrival times.

The wi-fi-equipped Smart Way Bus provides a convenient, comfortable connection between Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Roanoke, and stress-free transportation to the Roanoke airport.

With a bus connector in Blacksburg, the Amtrak station in Roanoke is less than an hour away. Christiansburg is laying groundwork to host a future Amtrak station as soon as 2020.

The area has plentiful Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as Blacksburg's local Hooptie Ride cars and vans.

The Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport is the nearest consumer airport, with service by American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, and Allegiant Air. It is an easy 40-minute drive from Blacksburg, and accessible by the Smart Way bus.

The Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport is located between the Virginia Tech main campus and the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. The airport is currently expanding its runway to serve larger planes.

Two other major airports are within easy driving distance: Charlotte (less than 3 hours) and Greensboro (less than 2.5 hours).

The Huckleberry Trail is an 11-mile (and growing) greenway that connects Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

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