Why commutes matter

Time IS money

Cutting an hour off your commute creates the happiness equivalent of getting a $40,000 raise. It shouldn't surprise you that adding 20 minutes to your commute makes you as miserable as taking a 19 percent pay cut.

Besides the time you lose during your commute, Virginians also spend an average of $2,600 per year on gas, parking, insurance, and more.

A person driving with her attentively watching dog
An illustration of the tribulations of a long commute

Does your commute disrupt your life?

Long commutes wreak havoc on your lifestyle. In addition to losing that time traveling to and from work, increasingly Americans are cutting back on sleep in an effort to pack more into each day.

Workers with long commutes tend to feel more anxious and are less satisfied with their lives.

It's no wonder. All that time spent commuting is time that you can't spend reading, exercising, or playing with friends and family.

An illustration of a man suffering from back pain

Does your commute cause aches and pains?

Long, sedentary commutes are bad for your health. Sitting for too long can:

  • Increase blood sugar
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Cause back pain
  • Decrease cardiovascular fitness
  • Cause weight gain
  • Increase risk for insomnia
  • Cause migraines
An illustration of a car polluting the environment

Worried your commute is polluting the environment?

It is. The largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in the U.S. comes from transportation.

More than 50 percent of urban pollution comes from motor vehicles. And the problem is getting worse. Carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles now cause more pollution than power generation.

Want to know more? Calculate your carbon emissions and find out what reducing your commute could do for the environment!

The ideal commute?

Studies show having an active commute can be as important to your mental health as being married or getting a raise.

The commute that will make you happiest? A 16-minute walk each way.

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